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Patanjali Philosophy Optional English Medium Printed Class Notes image

Patanjali Philosophy Optional English Medium Printed Class Notes

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The confluence of wisdom, service and success. ” PATANJALI IAS CLASSES ” stands out from the crowd in imparting the most efficient instruction, approaching it from all possible angles. Our mission is to demystify the IAS exams and help candidates acquire the confidence and competence to emerge successful. Our approach to the entire INSTITUTE process is such that the students feel comfortable and make learning an enjoyable experience. It is the culmination of the best minds in the field and the keenness to produce enormous success stories.

Patanjali ias philosophy printed notes for ias and pcs covered in 9 booklets :

  • Glossary of common-Philosophical terms
  • Indian Philosophy-First paper (Part A)-Charvaka-Jain -Budhaa
  • Indian Philosophy-First paper (Part B)-Mimansha Philosophy-School of Vedanta-Sri Aurobindo
  • Indian Philosophy-First paper (Part B)-NyayaVaisheshika-Sankhya-Yoga
  • Social-Political philosophy-Second paper(Part A)
  • Social-Political philosophy-Second paper(Part B)
  • Philosophy of religion
  • Western Philosophy (Plato to Hegal)
  • Contemporary Western Philosophy

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