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Mitras IAS Philosophy Optional English Medium Handwritten Class Notes image

Mitras IAS Philosophy Optional English Medium Handwritten Class Notes

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MITRA’S IAS is one of the premier institutes for IAS coaching with maximum success ratio. The institute helps to transform the attitude and perspective of the aspirant and prepare him/her scrupulously for the real battle. The institute has developed an advanced learning structure that helps boost the utility of a student’s mind, speed and ability to handle complex or logical question with ease. In addition, the institute conduct interactive sessions in which the aspirants get an opportunity to meet and discuss with the past alumni of the institute who have cleared the exam successfully and are serving as an IAS or IPS in various state and central government service areas.

MITRA’S IAS’s Achievements


At MITRA’S IAS, we take immense pride in introducing ourselves as one of the premier institute for IAS coaching with maximum success ratio.

Why Philosophy

Success ratio : Success Rate of Philosophy is consistently high as compared to other Optional Subjects. In the Annual Report 2015-16 of UPSC, the Success Rate of Philosophy is 7.0 %, which is higher than History (6.5 %), Political Science & International Relations (6.3 %) and Public Administration (5.3 %).

Short syllabus : only optional subject whose 100 % syllabus can be prepared in about 75 – 80 days. At the same time we at Mitras IAS focus equally on last 15 year question papers discussion and answer writing sessions along with crystal clarity of concepts.
Moreover coverage of entire syllabus in such a short span makes candidate to save a lot of time. In that way candidate can invest saved time in GS and essay paper.

It is a Conceptual and logical paper, hence need not to be mugged up. Once concepts are cleared then candidate can write answers in their own words.

No current updates. Subject is of static nature and mostly thinker based. It does not stand in need of any updates from current affairs. Such nature enhances its competitive advantage over other subjects like Pub Ad , Pol Science, Sociology, Psychology.

No academic background is required. It is proved by the fact that all our toppers have been from technical background. Such as ,
Athar Amir : Rank 2 : B.Tech

Sanskriti Jain : Rank 11 : B.Tech

Gaurang Rathi : Rank 33 : B.Tech

Garima Aggarwal : Rank 40 : B.Tech

Jatin Lal : Rank 42 : B.Tech

Kumar Harsh : Rank 43 : B.Tech …… Many more

Helps in essay paper
Paper 2 Socio-Political philosophy directly helps because it consists of essay topics  – justice, liberty, equality, democracy, women empowerment, corruption, social progress & development, etc.

Paper 1 and Philosophy of Religion indirectly helps.

Helps in GS IV Ethics paper

Questions are direct and often get repeated.

Fixed nature of this paper makes it scoring as well as predictable

Number of booklets : 4

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