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Anthropology Optional Sapiens IAS Pradeep Sarkar English Medium Handwritten Class Notes image

Anthropology Optional Sapiens IAS Pradeep Sarkar English Medium Handwritten Class Notes

  • Institute: Sapiens IAS

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SAPIENS IAS is one of the prominent IAS Coaching institutes of India. Pradip Kumar Sarkar is its Director and mentor, he founded it in 2007. He has more than 10 years of teaching experience in the field of IAS coaching. He has successfully guided hundreds of students to achieve their dream-career i.e. IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and other allied services. The list of successful students is the best testimonial of his achievement.

Pradip Sarkar teaches Anthropology subject for IAS mains and his scientific approach to anthropology has helped students to fetch high marks in the subject within a limited time frame.

Under his visionary leadership SAPIENS IAS was able to emerge as the leading IAS Coaching Institute of India, within a short span. He was able to motivate and garner support from dynamic and highly experienced teachers of the industry. This helped his Coaching institute to grow geometrically and have developed a holistic, full proof mechanism to provide quality-teaching to it's students and make them Successful in the field of Civil Services.

SAPIENS IAS do not only teach the subject but make the students visualize about the subject-matter which is essential part of civil services preparation. Various scientific techniques, like Mnemonic, flow charts, diagrams, graphs etc. are used during teaching process, this is not only helpful for student to understand, memorize and analyse the subject but equally helpful in personality development. UPSC does not need an academician but a well developed personality who has inbuilt administrative traits. This makes SAPIENS IAS a unique IAS Coaching institute, different from others.


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