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Tamilnadu Board History 11th English Photocopy image

Tamilnadu Board History 11th English Photocopy

  • Institute: Tamil Nadu Board

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Tamil Nadu Board History Book for 11th Class. These study material are in English medium and Photocopy of the original Book.

Contents:- Indian History (Class - 11th)

  1. India - Geographical Features and their Impact on History
  2. Pre-Historic India and the Harappan Culture
  3. The Vedic Culture
  4. Jainism and Buddhism
  5. The Rise of Magadha and Alexander's Invasion
  6. The Mauryan Empire
  7. Post Mauryan India
  8. Sangam Age
  9. Gupta Empire
  10. Harshavardhana
  11. South Indian Kingdoms - l Pallavas
  12. South Indian Kingdoms - ll Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas
  13. Imperial Cholas
  14. The Spread of Indian Culture in other Asian Countries
  15. Early Medieval India 
  16. Delhi Sultanate
  17. India under Delhi Sultanate
  18. Bhakti Movement in Medieval India
  19. Vijayanagar and Bahmani Kingdoms
  20. The Mughal Empire
  21. India under the Mughals 
  22. The Marathas
  23. The coming of Europeans


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