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Sociology Optional Vikas Ranjan English Medium Handwritten Class Notes image

Sociology Optional Vikas Ranjan English Medium Handwritten Class Notes

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Mr. Vikash Ranjan has a long experience in the civil services guidance. A good number of aspirants have already proven his Teaching Excellence by getting good ranks in the Civil Services Examination under Mr. Ranjan’s Guidance.
The precise & focused presentation of his Lectures and Class notes would be more effective than any other material provided by coaching especially in the changed scenario. His aim is to provide Right Approach along with Right kind of Notes and Effective Strategy. Vikash Ranjan has authored many books.

Syllabus: UPSC Sociology

  1. Sociology – The Discipline:
    1. Modernity and social changes in Europe and emergence of sociology.
    2. Scope of the subject and comparison with other social sciences.
    3. Sociology and common sense.
  2. Impact of colonial rule on Indian society :
    1. Social background of Indian nationalism.
    2. Modernization of Indian tradition.
    3. Protests and movements during the colonial period.
    4. Social reforms.
  3. Sociological Thinkers:
    1. Karl Marx
      1. Historical materialism
      2. mode of production
      3. alienation
  4. Social Change in India:
    1. Idea of development planning and mixed economy.
    2. Constitution, law and social change.
    3. Education and social change.

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