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Shubhra Ranjan Political Science English Medium Handwritten Class Notes

  • Institute: Shubhra Ranjan

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There is no need of introduction for Shubhra Ranjan Mam. The Subhra Ranjan Notes are well written. Hand-writing is neat and clean.

Political Science Notes by Subhra Ranjan is increasingly popular among the students as it covers the International relation part of G.S also.. Booklets are sourced from students who took classes. Notes are in good shape. Neat and legible handwriting.

  • Topics covered:

      • International Relations & Theory
      • Toppers Model Answers
      • Indian Political Thought
      • Indian Nationalism
      • Political Theory Meaning & Approach
      • Theories of the State
      • State Sovereignity
      • Justice: Conception of Justice
      • Equality
      • Theories of Right
      • State Democracy and Human Rights
      • Concept of Power Hegemony Ideology & Legitmacy
      • Political Ideologies
      • Indian Executive
      • Indian Judiciary
      • Statutory Institution & Commissions
      • Party System, Pressure Groups, Democracy in India
      • Caste, Religion & Ethnicity in Indian Politics
      • Planning and Economic Development
      • Grass Root Democracy
      • Social Movements
      • Comparative Politics
      • Extras by Subhra Ranjan Madam.



IAS Political Science Optional Class Notes 2019 by Shubhra Ranjan covered in 8 booklets detail is below:

  1. paper I- book I
  2. paper I- book II
  3. paper I- book III
  4. paper I- book IV
  5. paper I- book V
  6. paper II- book I
  7. paper II- book II
  8. paper II- book III- IR Handouts

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