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RAS Exam Class Notes by Springboard Academy

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Mr. Dileep Mahecha with experience of more than 18 years in preparation of civil services exams established this institute in Jaipur with the aim of providing quality guidance and personality development to the students who are pursuing their career in Administrative services. The institute is purely dedicated to civil services exams only including both Union and State Public service exams. Unlike many other institutes where every students is considered as potential customer Springboard Academy offers free career guidance to all the students who are searching for information on civil service exams and only those are advised to take admission who really need it. Emphasis is given on preparing students for handling adverse examination hall situation instead of just giving lengthy lectures and bulk study materials. Proper time management is the key to every success, here students are guided how to divide limited time in preparing for different aspects of this exam.

RAS exam class notes Hindi Medium study material covered in 11 booklet

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