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Old NCERT Modern India History by Bipan Chandra English Photocopy image

Old NCERT Modern India History by Bipan Chandra English Photocopy

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Modern India History by Bipan Chandra is published by NCERT in the guidance of CBSE. Students preparing for Civil Services can easily secure good marks with help of NCERT History books. It covers all the important topics and concepts that are prscribed by UPSC Exam syllabus.These books helps in building strong Foundation as all the topics and concepts are explained in easily understandable language.

Table of Contents:-

  1. The Decline of Mughal Empire
  2. Indian States and Society in the 18th Century
  3. The Beginnings of European Settlement
  4. The British Conquest of India
  5. The Stucture of the Government and the Economic Policies of the British Empire in India, 1757 - 1857
  6. Administrative Organisation and Social and Cultural Policy
  7. Social and Cultural Awakening in the First Half of the 19th Century
  8. The Revolt of 1857
  9. Administrative Changes After 1858
  10. India and Her Neighbours
  11. Economic Impact of the British Rule
  12. Growth of New India - The Nationalist Movement , 1858 - 1905
  13. Growth of New India Religious Social Reform After 1858
  14. Nationalist Movement, 1905 - 1918
  15. Struggle for Swaraj

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