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Balyan Art and Culture Handwritten Classroom Notes image

Balyan Art and Culture Handwritten Classroom Notes

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Balyan sir notes quality is best and very different from other authors notes because notes covers full syllabus with brief explanation with neat diagram.

Balyan World History and Art and Culture Handwritten class notes have some important points and they given below:

1) Indus Valley Civilization
2) Vedic Period
3) Jainism
4) Buddhism
5) Age of Guptas
6) Mauryan Empire
7) Satavahanas
8) Chalukyas
9) Cholas
10) Sangam Age
11) Cultural achievements of Kushans
12) Cultural achievements of Sungas
13) Cultural Conditions in Gupta Age
14) Cultural Contribution of Mughals
15) Cultural Contribution of Vijayanagara empire
16) Cultural Contribution of South Indian Dynasties
17) Bhakti Movement in India
18) Cave Architecture
19) Stupa Architecture
20) Sculpture in Ancient India
21) Indian Crafts
22) Dances of India
23) Fairs and Festivals of India
24) Folk Dances of India
25) Handicrafts of India
26) Harshavardhana and His times – Culture
27) Gist of TN History
28) Indian Literature
29) Indian Music
30) Indian Paintings
31) Indian Philosophy
32) Indian Theatre
33) Indo-Islamic Architecture
34) Indi-Islamic Culture
35) Kushan Empire
36) Pallavas – Culture
37) Vedic philosophy
38) Puppetry
39) Rajputs and their culture
40) Rashtrakutas and their culture
41) Religious Philosophies
42) Sculpture in Colonial period
43) Architecture in Colonial period
44) Sufism and Bhaktism
45) Temple Architecture in India
46) Temple Architecture in South India

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